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How efficient is the small business loan process, whether through the SBA or a bank?
The SBA does not prloans directly.  Banks and alternative lenders offer SBA Loans that are typically easier to qualify for than traditional bank loans but they usually require collateral and several months to decide whether or not you’ve been approved. Terms range from five to twenty-five years, with amounts ranging from $5,000 to $5 million.  Obtaining a loan from a bank, however, couldn’t be less efficient.  You have to prepare a ton of paperwork along with a hefty deposit just to learn that you’ve been rejected. Banks reportedly reject 4 out of 5 applications for small business loans, and even if you are approved, it will likely take more than three months for funding to reach your bank account.  As an alternative, you may want to consider online funding sources, such as the company I founded, United Capital Source, as a way to get working capital for your business without the hassle of things such as the required collateral and long contract lengths provided by traditional banks.  Most online lenders only need you to prepare a few documents including bank statements, business tax returns, and a profit and loss statement. Approval is quicker than banks, and can be granted in less than 24 hours with no collateral necessary, and funding will reach your bank account in a matter of days.  Differently from banks, small business loans from companies like ours are truly customized to your business, carrying fixed or flexible terms based on the circumstances of your industry. Flexible terms ensure minimal impact on cash flow, allowing you to run and grow your business at the same time.  If any problems arise with a bank loan, odds are, you’re on your own. But at UCS, our experts form long-term relationships with clients and are available to guide them through any unprecedented speed bumps. We offer plans designed to stabilize businesses for years to come. Should you need another, larger amount of funding down the road, UCS will get it to you even faster than the first.  I hope you find this answer useful and you consider the alternative I've provided for your working capital needs!  -Jared
What is your experience using the SBA to help in the loan process?
Agree with the prior response, You will get an SBA loan through your lending institution. The SBA doesn’t issue loans directly, but sets guidelines for lenders and guarantees a portion of the loan. SBA loans are wonderful, offering access to capital for small business people at very favorable rates. There will be specific requirements that you must meet, you should consult your lender for details. The SBA also works in partnership with SCORE (service corps of retired executives), a nonprofit organization that offers free counseling for those planning to open a business. My experience with SCORE has been mixed, but heck, it’s free...
Is there any way to get out of an SBA loan?
Yes, there is a way to “get out of” an SBA Loan. There is a process called SBA Offer In Compromise (OIC). The OIC is specifically designed to give small business owners who have failed a chance to settle their personal guarantee. Once your business closes, and all the business assets have been liquidated, the bank/SBA will consider a settlement if you can demonstrate that you lack the ability to repay the debt in full. They require complete financial disclosure in order to determine whether an OIC is warranted.I have posted the most comprehensive post ever written on the entire SBA OIC process on my website. Just click on the link below to be taken there.Everything You Need To Know About SBA Default, Compromise, Collections, Forgiveness & More.
How does an SBA loan work? How does the SBA decide whether or not to guarantee a loan?
So, essentially, SBA loans are the best option for small business borrowing, because they are partially guaranteed by a government entity• the U.S. Small Business Association. Because of this partial guarantee, the interest rates are low, the payment terms are long, and the loan amounts are high.That being said, SBA loans are the most difficult type of small business loans to qualify for. Your business will need 2+ years of business, 640+ credit, and $100,000+ in annual revenue.You can find more details about SBA loans here:Where to Find the Best SBA LoansHope this helps!
How many days does it take to obtain an SBA loan?
While SBA Loans are certainly one of the best loan options for small businesses, you’ll need to keep in mind the paperwork and processing that you’ll be required to do in order to apply for it. This will take a good bit of time and energy, and even after submitting this paperwork, you will have to wait for the lender to undergo a hefty amount of processing on their side as well.With all of this delay accumulated, you’ll be able to obtain an SBA loan within 3 weeks at the very least. Compare this to a minimum of 2 days of processing for a term loan or a minimum of 1 day of processing for a short-term loan.In the end, you’ll have to decide whether you want to prioritize the perks of an SBA loan (low down payments, long payment terms, and reasonable interest rates) or the celerity with which other, more costly loans are granted.Hope this helps, and good luck with your business endeavors!
Are economic conditions too risky to take out an SBA loan to buy a business right now?
The wee word ‘too• is crucial. Depends on where you are and what your business is all about: what state/country, what kind of products and/or services you wish to offer, potential clients?It helps if one has already some kind of (great or small) network IRL and/or online.
I'm looking at buying a small distribution business for about 400k. What's the SBA loan process like? What percent will I need to contribute?
The SBA loan process actually starts with a bank or credit union. At a high level you have to qualify for the loan under their approval criteria and then they go to the SBA to get the guarantee. If you stay under 350k for your loan, and the lender is a preferred lender, the bank or credit union won’t have to ask the SBA for their approval. They simply submit your information into the SBA eTran system and have an approval in moments (so long as you don’t have any felonys).Other items to note:At a 400k purchase amount you will have to at a minimum put 10% down in the cash (so 40k)You will have to have a well thought out business plan and projections preparedYou will have to be able to demonstrate some level of experience in the industry you are enteringThe business needs to be able to demonstrate enough cash flow to pay all its own expenses and cover the payment for any loan you will take out to purchase the business withI wrote an eBook that shares the ins and outs of SBA loans if you are interested.
What are things to look out for and consider when applying for a small business loan (SBA)?
Getting approved for start-up small business loans takes a lot of preparation, but it is definitely worth it once you get the hang of all the business loan requirements.So how do you qualify for a small business loan? For starters, determine how much you actually need, and what you need it for. When you’ve answered these two important questions, here’s how to make sure your business loan gets approved.1. Use your loyalty perksYou’re most likely to get approved in a bank where you’ve already set up your savings or merchant (business) account. And since you already know the bankers there, you can ask for advice on how to go about your business loan application.Which should lead you to…2. Check your credit historyBefore anything else, see if you may have overlooked some negative credit records from the past. Maybe you’ve forgotten about them because you have been earning a steady stream of income from your start-up business. Review old credit records and settle things if anything appears, before you even start applying for a business loan.3. Do your researchNow that your business loan purpose has been established, and your credit history cleared, this is where due diligence on your part comes in. As a loan applicant, you will need to find and compare lenders.Look for the types of business loans available to you, the terms and conditions, and the eligibility and document requirements. Nowadays, you can easily compare business loans in one website and apply online.At this stage, you will know if the type of industry you’re in is creditworthy or acceptable for an SME loan application. Most lenders tend to decline applications from certain industries that are deemed “risky.”4. Prepare your answers and pertinent documentsAll these preparations should include preparing to answer any questions that your lender may have.Can you show a solid business plan? Have you done a proper feasibility study? Why do you need that much loan amount? How long do you think you can have a return of investment? These are just some of the important questions you need to answer.Prepare the complete business plan and documents. If your business is new, you can prepare and submit a sales forecast instead of the usual audited financial statements, along with your bank statements. Each lender may have specific documents they will require you to submit.Everything should be in order and documents within reach during your presentation. Be thorough, accurate, and honest during the application.5. Wait for the application resultWhen you know you’ve done everything on your part to pra good business loan application, there should be little reason to worry about the result. The usual loan processing time is two weeks, but it always depends on the lender.In case of rejection, you can always ask them for things you need to improve on, so you know better on your next application. If you’ve been approved, then congratulations! You’re well on your way to growing your business.If you need to apply for a business loan, you can check and apply here https://www.ecomparemo.com/busin...
What are the real chances of a small company getting an SBA loan and how long would the approval process take?
Thank you for the A2A.  "SBA Loans" are not loans from the SBA.  They are loans from banks or lenders authorized by the SBA, and guaranteed by the SBA.  In order to minimize the approval time, for any loan including an SBA-backed loan, it is best to meticulously follow the instructions you are given, dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's.   There are different types of SBA-backed loans.   There is an SBA Express Loan that has a 36 hour SBA turnaround time.  I am not clear on whether there is additional time required for the actual bank or lender approval.   You will find more information about the SBA Express loans at:  SBA Express | The U.S. Small Business Administration | SBA.gov  There are other loans available for small businesses.  I suggest you investigate all your options and then make the decision that is best for you and your company.
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